Monday, 21 December 2009

Cheong sum lady

A few of us helped Granny pack her luggage a few days  before her trip to Bangkok. As she was going to attend a grand wedding in Bangkok, we also helped her choose what to wear.  

Look what we uncovered.... there were practically more than 10  pieces of cheong sums in Granny's wardrobe. Some were knee-length, some were full length.  Over the years, Granny has amassed a number of pieces of cheong sum, specially tailored for special formal occasions. Most of the designs and flowery prints were quite nicely made, and they looked smashing, especially on a grand old lady.  

We took some time to decide which cheong sum she should wear this time. Most of them, she wore only once or twice before, and we still had to help her recall which she wore before and on what occasion, in case people see her wearing the same piece again. Haha! But seriously, Granny could not remember all these minor things now. We finally chose the one on the top left cheong sum, black green flowery prints, which she has never worn before. We also found her matching diamond and pearl necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. I even had to pack everything nicely into the luggage for her, as we were afraid she might have left out certain important stuff.

This was Granny in her cheong sum during one of her 大寿  birthday celebrations. Chio, eh?


  1. Ooh I loved cheong sums. I used to wear them to work in SG. My dutchman always encourages me to wear them but our home in Holland is far too cold for that. Besides, I'm not so petit like I used to be - haha.

    So great to hear u speak so warmly abt ur elders. I missed that very much, as life in europe is "all for oneself n the state for us all" ....

  2. Hi, are you a Singaporean who has settled down in Holland? Thanks for your comments. Yes cheong sum is nice, if I am slimmer. Haha!

  3. Yes, I'm borned n bred in SG :-)

    Very few people r able to settle down in a foreign land bec our roots r deeply rooted in our birthplace. We r a breed with one foot in both countries.


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