Saturday, 26 December 2009

A fuzzy Bak Chor Mee Christmas

Christmas day lunch time, the family went for our favourite Bak Chor Mee in Crawford Lane. This is the famous Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodles which used to open stall at the old Marina Square Foodcourt many years ago. I remember in those days, at whatever time it was the whole day, this stall would have a long queue. So we did not even have to think about eating this during peak hours.

Ever since we found out this long-lost stall had shifted to Crawford Lane, we would make our regular trips to have their delightful Bak Chor Mee. As usual, the queue was long considering it was lunch time. I queued for about 30 minutes before we could nom on our noodles. Luckily the western food stall next door served fantastic western set meals too. So while we were waiting, we ordered 2 plates of the Fish & Chips and Chicket Cutlet to share (appetiser, hehehe).

I would consider this my favourite Bak Chor Mee stall. What made it delicious was the mix of sauces and vinegar added, chewy noodles plus the generous helpings of minced pork, pork slices, liver, dried fish, and chinese mushroom, which were all thinly sliced. The men would usually order the bigger size $5 or $6 bowls, while the regular size cost $4. We usually order the dry version, but the soup version was also nice, especially the kway teow soup. Sometimes we add a bowl of wanton soup as a side.

For Bak Chor Mee lovers, this is their present address. Be prepared to queue if you want a taste of this unique Bak Chor Mee.

I got a call from an aunt for an impromptu Christmas party at her place with the whole ging gang on the very night. It was supposed to be a present-less potluck party, since it was so last minute. I cooked fried rice with whatever ingredients I could find from the fridge. We had the usual suspects of ham and roasted chicken, salad, cheese, log cake and the not-so-usual Christmas dishes of curry chicken and ahem.... fantastic famous braised trotters specially flown from Bangkok! It was a nice reunion since my uncle and wife and godbro were back for a visit from Bangkok. So we did have our little Christmas gathering after all and so much nicer without the expectation and hassle of having to buy gifts.

I did not take many photos, because I was too busy drinking wine and catching up with my aunts, uncles and cousins. I probably had 8 full glasses or more of red wine. So I had a nice, warm, fuzzy Christmas after all. So, good bye Christmas, see you next year! *hic*

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