Friday, 25 December 2009

A very un-Christmas dinner

Christmas Eve, I had a nice Christmas dinner with the family at the furthest end of the island. We intentionally chose Changi Jetty to be really away from the Christmas crowds and traffic jams in town and Orchard. And instead of the traditional Western turkey dinner, we opted for chinese food with a kampong flavour!

Well, we were at Tekong Restaurant and ordered these dishes. Braised duck is one of the restaurant's signature dishes. It looked a little darker and drier from those selling outside, but that only means the flavour of the sauce has permeated the tender duck meat nicely. Sis wanted stir fried seafood lala, which came freshly done with fragrant garlic and condiments. Then there was fried tofu topped with mayo sauce and pork floss, another winner. We ordered 2 unusual vegetable dishes. One was the spinach in a claypot with fried whole garlic and century egg with wolfberries, hence the dish was very light and appetising. The other veggie was what I wanted. It was Mani veggies stir-fried with egg and topped with ikan bilis. I had tried this dish a long time ago and was won over, and other restaurants do not usually do this dish. However this time, it looked drier than the previous more soupy version. We also ordered sweet sour ribs for the kids.  Overall, a satisfying dinner. 

So you see, we had a very un-Christmas dinner. But that's ok, it was nonetheless a very pleasant dinner next to the seaside with cool winds (we sat outside al fresco style). Most importantly, it was nice because we spent some time with each other on this special occasion.

BTW, to digress, I just found one long-lost blouse which sis bought for me from Turkey more than 20 years ago! It is a black and white baggy tunic blouse, very baggy and ethnic looking.  I loved this blouse to bits. It has some arabic-looking designs on one area and animal prints on another area. I thought I had given it away to Salvation Army long ago. So tonight I wore this blouse to dinner. By the way, that animal is not a turkey ok.... although the blouse was from Turkey. :P 

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