Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Remnants of the past holidays

Since it's the start of the new year, I'm doing housekeeping  for all my photos  which are in a mess in my laptop. So here are tons of my recent snaps for you, before I put them into cold storage.

Taken at the little countdown party we had, over wine, coffee and lots of snacks and kueh kueh. It was so dim at my uncle's house I didn't really snap alot of photos on my handphone. Morever, not the entire entourage was there. However, my uncle's handsome son is back for his school vacation from Melbourne, slimmer and more muscular.

Other earth-shattering happening news was my niece and nephew finally got their very own handphones. It was an overdue reward from their mommy for having done well for their exams.  I think Rascal likes to play the games rather than answer calls. Over dinner in a foodcourt one day, niece exclaimed, "look, Timberland!".  She did an art piece of the Timberland logo out of the remnants of her dinner plate. Thus, she became the new ambassador for Timberland, whereas nephew rather focus on his games.... yet again. :D

Hey, one day recently, I discovered Rascal finally have double eyelids! Forced him to pose for me. It used to be one eye double eyelids, the other eye single.  While Rascal is always bursting with energy, the mommy and sister are usually knocked out in the car from their outings. See the uncanny resemblance? LOL! Luckily sis said "quite artistic shot" instead of killing me.  The kids and parents had a smashing time in Hong Kong earlier last month, sponsored by the HK tourist promotion board, accompanied by a DJ. They appeared in a local magazine after that. Thanks to Old Beng, a fellow blogger, who alerted me  on Twitter and here when their photos came out on print. Such is the wonder of social media. The Donald Duck box was one of the souvenirs from niece for me, so that I can use it to keep my sweets or pills on the go. Nice purple prints on the box.    

Some random shots. If you know me by now, I usually take photos anytime, anywhere.  Just don't let me catch you digging your nose, hiak hiak!  From clockwise.... I thought Christmas is over?..... Water and flower offerings at the altar of a gompa, life-size motor bike and scooter made of cane, and Rascal told me this worm was Oscar The Grouch's pet. I learn something new every day.

More random shots, self explanatory. Trying to be artistic....

I won't be me without taking pictures of food. What we had one day at the foodcourt. I love my Ayam Penyet which came in a basket. The rest had rice with satay chicken and sauce, rice with BBQ chicken, ramen with chicken and kimchi, rice with saba fish and an extra side dish of Sayur Asam, a tangy soup which I like, to go with the Ayam Penyet.

On the last day of last year, I whipped up some home-cooked Chinese dishes and invited a few aunts and grandma over to join us. Reminds me of reunion dinner. From clockwise, my accidental Pork Patties with mustard chai sim, Honey-Glazed Pork Ribs, Nai Pak Choy with minced pork, Steamed Fish (was trying to emulate the sauce from restaurants cooked in a different manner), Gigantic Egg with Luncheon Meat & Onions, and Lettuce with Ham and Mushrooms. My grandma still can't believe I can cook! Ooolala.....

We are a typical Chinese family, hence we usually have chinese dishes with white rice at home. So whenever I am out, I would usually take fast food or other cuisines, or something different. Tried the Honey Bourbon Chicken from Quiznos recently, as well as Charbroiled BBQ Chicken from Carl's Junior. Over-rated, I feel. Also had craving for some fried chicken from McDonalds. Sinful, hor? At times when I eat alone at home, I will cook simple cheesy pasta, and that's about it!

I'm so happy with this dish, Pork Patties with Mustard Cai Sim, which looked delicious and nicely taken that I had to showcase it again!  I actually wanted to make my mom's soya sauce minced pork but I changed my mind the last minute. Instead, I marinated the minced pork with sesame oil, little soya sauce, corn flour and mixed it with chopped mustard cai sim (to give it an appetising crunchy bite). I  made lumps of the minced pork and pan-fried both sides till they were cooked. Then I added a little water (I wanted a slightly wet dish), both light and dark soya sauces with a pinch of sugar. The result was .... orgasmic!!!


  1. >> life-size motor bike and scooter made of cane

    I saw those in Park Mall, did you?


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