Monday, 11 October 2010

The birthday boy and his animals

My dearest nephew turns 9 today!  We celebrated his birthday a day earlier as it is currently the exams period.

We were at the Blue Mountain Cafe in Iluma.  We took turns taking photos with the birthday boy and his present which I bought for him. The boy was very cooperative and gallantly posed for many photos, unlike normal times.

Everyone also posed with their main entree, hahah! The food here was actually not bad. 

The soup of the day was commendable, with chunky bits of ham and potato. With each main entree, you get soup and a drink with no extra charge, and most of their entrees were priced less than $10 each.

Mom's English Fish & Chips, which was done just right, crispy on the exterior and juicy and soft on the inside.

The kids shared a Hawaiian Pizza which was thin crust.  Even then, they could not finish all the pizza.

Father's Rosemary Chicken.

My entree was Black Pepper Chicken on Hot Plate. It was succulent and fragrant with onions at the bottom of the chicken.

This was BIL's Pork Loin on Hot Plate which was a generous helping too.

Sis' Blue Mountain Club Sandwich, another big portion order.

Next, cake cutting time!  Guess what, this cake was homemade by sis, personally requested by the birthday boy. It was sponge cake coated with chocolate. The train was a nice touch on M&Ms.

Happy boy with his cake. My dear nephew has grown fatter and much taller this past 2 years and so much better looking than his scrawny self when he was younger. 

I notice the grandparents smiled extra brightly when they were taking photos with their 宝贝 grandson.  Surprisingly the restaurant was quite quiet for a Sunday evening, hence we had the place pretty much to ourselves, ideal for camwhoring.

Saying a wish and blowing candles and cutting cake....birthdays are happy times when you are a kid.

These were my gift for nephew - Animal Kaiser cards, limited edition and collectors item of Series 7 - with 10 boxes of different animals, the cards and figurines - ridiculously priced for pieces of cards if you ask me. I cannot fathom the craze for boys his age. He has a whole file to keep his precious cards. The wolf and the king kong are apparently the most valuable and the most difficult to find. He painstakingly collected each card $2 each time his mommy allowed him to play on the machine at the shopping mall. However these collectors cards  are not available in the local machines yet, hence the high price/value.

He wasted no time in playing 2 games at the arcade. The previous time when we were out, every time he would run up to a particular shop selling the Wolf card, to steal glances at the card. It was the most expensive of the lot and not available in Singapore yet. So that's why I decided to buy him the precious entire series. 

I also bought this small and cute white Care Bear and handphone chains for niece. One kid's birthday, the other also gets a small gift from me usually. 

Ironically we did not try any Blue Mountain coffee when we were here. It was a quiet place for a little celebration.  

Happy Birthday, Rascal !!!  Yee Yee loves you! <3

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  1. so much love... i can see that in your post! It really warms my heart... and yes he is a lovable boy seems from the feature of his face, that he is a lucky kind of person... hee hee... just my guess.

    Happy Birthday to the Birthday Boy too!


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