Sunday, 30 January 2011

The month of January 2011 in pictures

The first month of 2011 has been a blissful whirlwind affair and February will be worse (I mean better). I didn't take that many pictures this month. Here's my month end round-up.

Tempted to buy the whole shop of old school kuehs
Met up with buddies and Baby Amber for dim sum!
Heart-breaking month and prayers for Khen Rinpoche
Went to liberate 70,000 lives x 100million!
Seafood Pho was so-so
Espirit CNY tees were a shock!
Caught a glimpse of the procession
Sighting of huge epok epok at T2 canteen
Love Dagyab Rinpoche's precious initiations/teachings
I love reciting the Praises to 21 Taras in Tibetan
Yummy snack!
Remnants of my latte & a Buddha smile
Niece's birthday, she's growing up too fast *sob*
This blonde needs to go on a diet! ;D
It's been raining non-stop in January
Lama Zopa Rinpoche is arriving soon! Happy!
The Rabbit year is also coming
Buying CNY snacks....
Prosperous buns
Waiting for an auspicious CNY

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