Monday, 31 January 2011

坣娜, 庆幸.

I'm a loyal supporter if I like someone. I do not really have any particular idol, but the only celebrity I would admit to is Taiwanese singer, Tang Na 坣娜. She celebrated her birthday recently. She just turned 44, I think. 

To me, Nana is a fantastic singer and actress in the 80-90s, a diva in her own right. She is out of the limelight in recent years and she is now a yoga instructor as well as the owner of a hair salon and cafe. She has revealed that for the past 16 years, she was actually having problem with her hearing and suffering from depression after a serious car accident. She even contemplated suicide. Despite her slight handicap, she made famous many sad soppy soulful songs with her powerful vocals. Her famous songs include  別戀,  奢求自由别恋  and I like her rendition of 落花流水.

In her recent blog entry, she wrote in mandarin, here I translated an excerpt: 

"Ever since the car accident years ago, I do not like to celebrate my birthdays. Perhaps it is because I did not die in that accident and I'm so fortunate to be still alive, I do not like to have an elaborate celebration. 

When I was a young girl, I do have high expectation when my birthday is approaching. At that time, I would wonder if my parents would remember my birthday and I would be excited and anxious when the day is approaching. However, my birthday always slipped by quietly. This is because my birthday is very close to the Chinese Lunar New Year, so my parents would be too busy.  My father only remembered my birthday a few days later when he saw my disappointed look.

Because my family was not well to do, I conditioned myself to think:
1. I would tell myself it was fine that no one remembered my birthday, I am not that important, and luckily no one remembered because if they did, I would be too shy anyway if they had given me the attention!

2. I love window shopping since young. I love to look at the things I like, and when one day, the item was not on display anymore, it means that someone more suitable has purchased it!" 

Despite her age, I feel she looks more beautiful as she ages. She may not be a stunner but to me she has a certain sophisticated and aloof air, possesses 气质, very 性格. There is a certain magnetism and confidence about her - that's why she is my role model. I wish to age as gracefully as her.

This drawing made me laugh. This is Nana's simple drawing (using Paintbox) of the Yellow Jambhala, 黃財神. Do you notice the mongoose on his hand which spews out precious jewels?  In Buddhism, Jambhala is the wealth-giving form of Avalokitesvara or Kuan Yin, the bodhisattva of compassion. Jambhala's blessings are to help others by eliminating poverty, so that they may practice the Dharma. There are five Jambhalas - Yellow Jambhala (overcomes pride), White Jambhala (overcomes attachment), Black Jambhala (overcomes resentment), Green Jambhala (overcomes jealousy) and Red Jambhala (overcomes greed). 

I have mentioned in this blog umpteen times, perhaps my most favourite song from her is 庆幸 which happened to be her favourite too. It may not be the most popular of her songs, but the lyrics are quite touching, especially the chorus part. I remember her singing this song during encore in her concert many years ago. In an elegant gown, she gave an astounding delivery with her powerful vocals and she cried. I would never forget that moment. Very touching.

Happy Belated Birthday, 娜娜! 

May you be happy and be in excellent health always!


  1. Beautiful voice, beautiful lyrics - beautiful song!

  2. Hi !! I agree !! Nana is my most fav idol not in the conventional way!


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