Saturday, 29 January 2011

What are you doing, parents?

While waiting for a bus at the bus stop yesterday, I saw these 2 Malay kids walked past me. They were eating sweets and talking loudly. They were not accompanied by any adult.

The girl and boy, presumably siblings, looked between the age of 3-5. Hand in hand, they were walking by the roadside (not on the pavement) heading towards the traffic light. It was raining earlier but it has just stopped. Then while both kids were waiting for the green light, the little boy got impatient, and ran across the road while it was still red light. The little girl was trying to shout at him and waving her hand. Luckily there was no car in sight.

I panicked at the little boy's daring act. And afterwards I was indignant. The first thing I thought was, how could their parents had allowed them to roam the streets on their own? It was so dangerous for a 3 year old boy to be dashing across the street like that. If something untoward had happened to him, who would be responsible?

Parents, please be mindful of what your kid is up to. If you have to leave your child under the care of a guardian, please make sure the guardian can be trusted. In my opinion, no kid age 8 and below should be left alone to cross the road on their own. Your child's life is so much more precious than anything else in the world. Please do not tempt Fate like that. May all little children around the world be well protected from dangers and harm.

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