Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Omniscient and somewhat morbid little adventures in a dream

Last night, I had the longest and most weird dream ever. Or rather, it  was a series of different short dreams, about 6 dreams, or more (which I cannot recall).  They are unlike the usual auspicious dreams I have, nor are they bad dreams. Just, weird.  And each dream ended abruptly. The funny thing was, after the end of each short dream, I would wake up for a while and then fall asleep again, and start another dream, and then wake up again, and again another dream started, and so on and so forth. I probably did not sleep much, but I woke up feeling very calm.

First dream - Despondency & Death
In the first dream, I believe I was in a Dharma event. It was very happening as there were many people and familiar faces around. I was on the move all the time, walking and walking and bumping into people, all of them familiar Dharma brothers and sisters.  And all of them, including myself, were busy with something. The recollection of the people I met is hazy, like flashes to me now. I just remember going up and down the lift many times. Then I received a call from a friend, who within seconds, began to cry on the phone.  As I was comforting her on the phone, I was waiting for another friend to appear. Suddenly someone came and told me that the friend I was waiting for has just died!  I was so stunned with disbelief, as his smiling face kept flashing before me. 

Second dream - "Wherever The Sanghata Is, Always There The Buddha Is"
This is a very short dream, or rather, it was too vague and I could not remember the entire dream.  I dreamt that I was lying on my bed, going to sleep. And just as I was drifting off to sleep, I opened my eyes. This is because there seemed to be something bright, prompting me to open my eyes.  Then I saw the golden book which is the Sanghata Sutra  in front of me. The Sanghata Sutra is opened in the space above me, where I was lying down. Then all of a sudden,  I heard a voice in the space above, and the voice seemed to be melodiously reciting the Sutra to me. Yes it sounded as if it was the Tatagatha,  the Arhat, the perfectly complete Buddha.  It made me feel very calm and I woke up shortly, very calm. I am so amazed by this short dream. I attribute it to the recitations of the incredible powerful Sanghata Sutra I have been busy with these days (I will elaborate on this in another post).

Third dream - Wedding & Wealth
I was in a big house of what seemed like the abode of a very wealthy Indian couple.  There was a celebration going on as the huge house was lavishly decorated with opulence.  I realized there was a wedding going on. The rich Indian couple was marrying off their daughter. Then an Indian ex-colleague (whom I affectionately called Mr Mad) appeared. He was walking next to me, chit chatting with me. I was telling Mr Mad about being impressed with the elaborate on-going wedding, and that the Indian man could be a billionaire.  Mr Mad seemed doubtful. He warned me to be careful about that man. Then he took out his wallet, and dug out a big stack of $50 dollar notes wrapped with a rubber band and he gave them to me. He said, "here, take this, and you no need to pay me back".  Wow, haha, I am also stunned with this dream. How nice it is to have someone give me money, albeit in a dream.   

Fourth dream - The Search In The Misty Dark
It was night time. I seemed to be searching for someone. I was walking and walking alone in the streets, on a mission looking for someone. It was a little misty and very dark. I realized I am in Geylang (our red light district). There were many men hanging around, they looked like the foreign workers from China. There were some prostitutes too. I recalled in the dream, I was a little wary and began to be anxious for my safety as I hurried along in between the dark back lanes. I did not find the person I was looking for. 

Fifth dream - The Bodhicitta Meal
I was craving for a particular dish, something like nasi padang.  I was inside a hotel, and I was walking around searching for a restaurant which was supposedly an Indonesian restaurant. After a long time, I finally found the restaurant which looked very modern and big. There were many many many tables, and most of them were empty. A waitress or captain was waving at me to choose a table and sit. I do not know why I was undecided where to sit. Then I noticed a few tables in front of me, there was a middle-aged couple  who were dining and placed in front of them was the dish I had wanted to order.  The couple did not looked local. They looked more like a Gurkha couple or a Tibetan couple because they looked quite tanned. They were very modern and well dressed, the man wearing a grey suit and the lady was in a bun.  Then I overheard them chanting some prayers in Tibetan enthusiastically before having their dinner! And it was the prayers for Taking Refuge and Generating Bodhicitta! I was quite amused.
        Sang gya chhog dang tshog kyi chhog nam la
         Jang chhub bar du dag ni kyab su chhi
         Dag gi jin sog gyi pa so nam kyi
         Dro la phan chir sang gya drub par shog

Sixth Dream - An Unusual Birth
This dream completely blew me away. I could not remember if I was watching TV in the dream or the scene was right in front of me. I saw a woman lying down on a bed with a man sitting beside her. Her tummy was revealed. I did not notice the bared tummy which was flat at first, until the man's hand moved to touch the belly button of the woman.  As he did so, I noticed the woman's tummy began to bulge, growing bigger and bigger to a size of a basketball. Then, to my amazement, her elastic belly button expanded and grew bigger and I saw a baby's head popped out from the belly button! A baby in foetal position came out head first, then its whole wet body (although it was not bloody) appeared and slipped through and the baby was elevated up vertically and was floating/suspended in the air, just above the woman. Very amazingly weird! 

Don't you think all these dreams were totally amazing and/or weird??? Never in my life have I had such weird dreams and all 6 of them in one night is totally unbelievable!! I  strongly believe that these dreams might be the result of the recitations of the Sanghata Sutra, as I have heard that many who recited the Sanghata Sutra have undergone powerful transformative experiences already in this lifetime - some even during the very act of reading or reciting. In this case, just as the Buddha mentioned in the Sutra, I would consider the fearful things I saw in the dream as purifying my bad karma and that through these dreams, delusions have been burnt. May all be auspicious!

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