Monday, 7 March 2011

"In the beautiful eyes, the world appears as beautiful"

This is a short post. I just read an article about my favourite idol, the Singing Nun from Nepal, Ani Choying Drolma. I thought I had share this, the words in her song which are most beautiful:

In the eyes of flowers the world appears as flowers
In the eyes of thorns the world appears as thorns
Talking about perception - how everything depends on how we perceive things
May my heart always be pure.
May my words always be enlightened.
May the sole of my feet never kill an insect.
In the beautiful eyes the world appears as beautiful.

When asked who inspires her, she immediately responds, “Mother Theresa because she is a nun. Regardless of our differences in religion, fundamentally, we believe in the same thing: kindness and compassion.”  

Simply beautiful.

Here's my earlier post in October last year, when I spent a beautiful evening with her. 

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