Friday, 24 June 2011

Be more man, please.

I'm sure we see this sight pretty often. I was at the MRT train station when I saw a loving couple.  Nothing unusual. Then I noticed the guy was carrying his girlfriend/wife's handbag on his shoulder.  I know it's a lovely gesture to be helping your partner. But I just like to ask, "Is the tiny handbag the weight of a few gold bars?".  

Unless your partner is carrying a huge heavy bag or a gunny sack, a tiny handbag does not look very manly for a guy to be holding on to. I'm sure when your spouse goes shopping, she doesn't mind and can manage lugging bags and bags of bargains with absolutely no problem. If you really NEED to carry that handbag for her, I suggest putting it inside a paper bag.

Just my personal opinion. Be more man, please.

1 comment:

  1. I disagree. Whether it weigh 1 lb or 50 lbs, it's the fact that he has chosen to 'show the world' that he supports his girl... If I see a guy doing something like this for his girlfriend or his me it = sexy because it means he is sensitive and respectful. And sensitive & respectful = sexy



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