Saturday, 25 June 2011

How much can you take?

It is old news but I just learnt that Lee Young Ae, one of my favourite Korean actresses, has given birth to a pair of twins, a girl and a boy. May she have happiness and bliss.

Previously I saw a video of Lee Young Ae who went on a one-night stay in a temple in her personal time to relax and learn about teachings and life. In her signature gentle and calm voice, she related what the monk told her:

The lotus flower is large, and when it rains,
It brims with water in it.
Looking at the flower, he was wondering
If it would sink into the water because of the weight.
To his surprise, however, the flower slowly tilted to the side,
and poured out some water, and gained back its balance.

Just like the flower,
We need to know the size of our own bowl
and be able to fill and empty it when necessary, but it's hard.

It's amazing how you can learn from small things like that, isn't it?

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