Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A bowl of homely goodness

Sometimes I'm just sick of outside food, even though there are plenty of choices from the multinational cuisines available in Singapore. So, during the times when I 'don't know what to eat', I'll settle for something soupy. 

Recently, before attending an evening class, I had dinner at a humble coffeeshop-like tze char restaurant. My order was just Seaweed Soup without rice. It was a big bowl of soup for $5, with plenty of ingredients: whole chunk of seaweed, flowery egg white, pieces of tomatoes, silken tofu, Chinese mushroom, slices of lean pork, prawns, fishcake and topped with shallots and spring onions. I like to make my soup slightly spicy by adding chopped chilli padi. A bowl of simple yummy homely seaweed soup.

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