Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Smurfalicious! The Smurfs come to Singapore! Adventure doesn't get any bigger.

Since young, the Smurfs has got to be one of my favourite cartoon characters. I still remember my classmates gave me a huge Smurf soft toy on my birthday then.  Now, after umpteen years, the Smurfs are back with a movie.  

I chanced upon a showcase of cute Smurfs in Bugis Junction. There is a competition to dress up your Smurf and you can vote which designs you like.  There are also a number of Smurfs done by local celebrities, as well as the radio stations and magazines. Enjoy!

Samsui Smurf!!! LOL!
Mummified Smurf? By Christopher Lee.
And his wife, Fann.
Spider Smurf.
This looks pretty normal in front, but look behind....
.... beautifully painted head !!
Is this Robin?
I personally like this Singing Smurf by Joi Chua!
This was done by Jade Seah. The look reminds me of.. "If there's something strange in your neighborhood. Who you gonna call?  Ghostbusters!"...
Papa Smurf?
Singapore Man-Smurf?
Cloudy or Angel Smurf? 
One Nation One Singapore Smurf.  Hmm... :\
This is my favourite design by one of the contestants - Mr Dizco Tinkle Smurf. 
I hope she wins.

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