Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Last night, I learnt that someone close to me had broken up after almost 3 decades of an on-going relationship. It was unbearably painful. I was speechless and very sad. I remember when I first learned about the relationship years ago, I cried for my loved one, because I knew then it was going to be an uphill task to remain in the relationship. And I have always prayed that it would have worked out for them because I believe they were truly in love.

The other day when I was with a friend in Marina Bay Sands, I saw this pair of cups on display in a shop. "So sweet," that's my first impression of the words printed on the cups. So lovey-dovey....

But then, I thought....

..... one day these cups may be broken too. Or get chipped. But, even if they (the cups) remain intact and glued together, that does not mean a relationship will remain so, forever.  So why be so sentimental and attached to an innate object? Why be so attached to a loved one?  Why be so attached to everything in life.... when one day, life will also cease itself?  One day, we have to say good bye, and perhaps meet again another time, in another realm -- as strangers.


  1. this post made me think. As I get older i have become more and more reclusive. I guess because I have lost those very close to me, it makes me think about relationships and I only want to spend the time I have with those who truly matter. Tired of superficial relationships and materialistic, status conscious folk.


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