Sunday, 1 September 2013

Bravo to 中國好聲音 The Voice of China

Recently I was listening to the current season of 中國好聲音 (The Voice of China) on Youtube and I am totally a fan, with the high calibre of the competing singers, and the humorous banter between the 4 judges - Amei, Na Ying, Harlem Yu and Wang Feng - a fantastic combination. The below are some of my favourite singers in their first qualifying rounds. And the judges love them. Totally enjoyable. 

劉雅婷 - I Wanna Rock. I totally love this young 18 year old with such a lioness unique voice. Watch out for the banter between the judges towards the end. Listen to her, how she is sad about her weight and yet so confident with her singing and how supportive the judges were. I watch this fun clip a few times. 

李秋澤 - 跟著感覺走. This R&B guy sings very well and seemed to have been down on his luck for a long time. His singing feels very natural and comfortable. I think he rocks!

姚貝娜 - 也許明天. She is not inexperienced, however this time she is trying to express her own style. She is quite emotional and needs to be mindful of her emotions for it can affect her singing. She has a powerful voice for a slim frame and the makings of a new idol.


張新 - Fallin. He has such a high pitched bright melodious voice that everyone thought he was a lady. He has such a supportive mother. I hope he goes into the finals. 

葉秉桓 - 我愛你. He is a very giggly happy nerdy boy wearing braces yet he can sing in multiple tunes. He has been named The Prince of Changing Tunes by Amei.  One could not help but keep laughing when looking at him speak. Watch out the ending where he reprised a few other songs in his own delivery. 

畢夏  - 像夢一樣自由 - She is the prettiest among the lot and with a raspy unique voice. I think she has the makings of an idol.

朱克 - 離不開你. This is one of my favourite singers, because he is charismatic. Although not that good looking, he exudes a certain charm with his delivery of this utterly sad song. Morever he scores extra points for being a single father with a 4 year old daughter, having lost his wife to a car accident a year ago. 

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