Sunday, 27 October 2013

The green hat party

Found an old photo of a children's party which my mom brought my sis and I to. I think it was at the Police Academy or something. My sis was the one with the mushroom hairstyle (蘑菇头), mom was behind her, and 我戴禄冒(I'm wearing green hat). Haha!

I think we were so innocent and naturally curious in those days. There was nothing to distract us then. No impressive high tech toys, no mobile phones to play with, no iPad, not even Walkman to listen to music. Just good old games like musical chairs, playing zero point, five stones and playing house. I was happy drawing and reading all by myself. I think I finished all of Enid Blyton's books and whatever books in the library (no need to buy too). Hehe. 

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