Thursday, 7 June 2007

GSS - Great Singapore Service!

I love huge aviator sunglasses. Because the shape suits my face. My sis gave me one which she bought but found them unsuitable for her. And I really like it alot. Unfortunately during my trip to KL, 2 bolts went loose and the 2 nuts came off and gone missing.

Tonight while walking around Bugis Junction, I approached a stall selling sunglasses in the basement near the food court. I asked the sales girl if she could help me by fixing the sunglasses. She hesitated and said she was busy at the moment attending to other customers. I said I could come back. Before I continued to say I would not mind paying a fee for her to fix it, she said "Sorry, since you did not buy from us, cannot do for you." Even before looking at my glasses! Fine, I thought. So much about Good Service. Typical Singaporean!

Then I passed by the Paris Miki shop on the 3rd level. Again I asked the same to the sales girl. She was extremely friendly and said she could help me, although she was not sure if they have the same bolts and nuts, even BEFORE I said I did not mind paying a small fee. I said perhaps she can replace all the bolts and nuts for me so that all are identical, and I did not mind paying a fee, I added. She said I will have to wait about 30 minutes and that she will call me when it was done. When I went back, she gave me my beloved sunglasses, wiped cleaned and shiny and replaced with all new bolts and nuts. And morever, she told me, that its free of charge. I was so grateful. Eventhough I did not purchase the glasses from them. Eventhough the bolts and nuts were different. Eventhough she has many other customers to serve at the same time! This was what I meant by GOOD SERVICE. Kudos to Paris Miki shop in Bugis! I will be back for purchases next time!

I think even before we launch our GSS (Great Singapore Sale), retailers should also ensure they can give Great Singapore Service too!

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