Monday, 25 June 2007

Mom's cooking some more!

More Mom's cooking! The soup is almost the same as the previous one except this one has corn instead of winter melon. The rest of the ingredients include lean pork, carrots, red dates and dang-gui. Very colourful dish. I like the crunchy stir-fried long beans with minced meat and thinly sliced bean curd. Also the minced meat is simply cooked with light soya sauce. Although it doesn't look nice in colour but it goes very well with plain rice or porridge. This is a dish Mom often cooked when we were young. I remembered my Granny used to cook this minced meat sauce in porridge when we stayed over at her place during school hols. The dark brown broth tasted so nice so fragrant. And the steam fish. Garnished simply with slices of ginger and plum, and put to steam for 15 minutes.

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