Monday, 25 June 2007

What's the connection?

I must write this down before I forget. Today I woke up at about 5am, as is the case these days. So I chanted the High King Avalokiteshvara Sutra (Guan Yin) - 高王觀世音真經(高王經). I had just learnt of this sutra from the internet and read of its immense benefits. Anyway I will talk about this sutra in another posting. In my dreamy sleepy state, I chanted the relatively long sutra 3 times ( I had recorded it in my handphone). Then I fell asleep again.

I dreamt that my family and myself were in this huge building, we were all very happy, my parents, my sis and husband, their 2 kids, and myself we were exploring the place. I bumped into a friend and his wife (whom I dont know). His wife told me excitedly about some investment which has yielded her S$70,000. Even in the dream I was wondering I dont even know this lady, why was she telling me this.

Then some stranger shouted to me and my family, that there was a great lama/master who was coming to the hall later on. In the dream, we were overjoyed upon hearing this, saying "let's go and pray as well!". My niece was happily holding my hand, urging me to hurry to the hall. When I entered the hall, there was a yellow stupa and around it there were many many many food offerings. I specifically remember seeing some sort of small round cakes, biscuits and chocolate wafers and bowls and bowls of water. As we walked round the stupa, I saw a small Buddha statue in red. It seemed to be made of clay-like material. I remember I was trying to recall which Buddha was that. The Buddha looks more like a female Budhha.

I jumped up at 7.45am, thats why I could remember the dream quite clearly, maybe 70% of the dream I could recall. The rest I forgot the details. But I am happy of this dream. Something must be potent about this sutra, the Buddha's teaching.
I went online to search for "buddha in red". Was it Vajrayogini or Red Tara? Was it because Tibetan monk's robe is red? Then I found it. And it made sense.

Avalokiteshvara (Guan Yin) is the Spiritual Emanation of Amitabha Buddha. Amitabha's color is red. He is known as the Buddha of discriminating wisdom as well as the Buddha of infinite light. His bodhisattva or spiritual emanation is Avalokiteshvara, the bodhisattva of compassion or he who looks on the universe with the eyes of compassion.

And I was chanting the High King Avalokiteshvara Sutra.

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