Friday, 22 June 2007


In one of MLY's weekly tips, she said that our mouth is metal element and if it also represent our career, then its best to fill up the holes in between our teeth for better career luck. And if our money element happens to be metal, it is more crucial to fill-up the holes in between our teeth to improve our wealth luck.

It was mentioned that the metal element may mean different things to different people. For some, metal is their career while for some, metal is their money. One has to check one's individual bazi chart to understand what metal means to you.

In my case, metal is money to me and hence it is even more important to fill up all the holes in the mouth in order for money to come. And it will be good for me to go singing too. I find this quite true.

Few years ago, when I was without a job, I was having constant toothache, problem with my wisdom tooth. And being jobless, I cant possibly prioritise a trip to the dentist to resolve the problem. But when I finally did made up my mind to go (because I can't tahan the pain anymore), the moment I fixed the problem (by removing my wisdom tooth by surgery), I found a job almost immediately.

Hmm, recently the filling of one of my tooth came off, and it seems some teeth need filling too. Could this also signal the start of financial problem??? I better make appointment with the dentist fast.

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