Friday, 1 June 2007

Vesak Day

On actual Vesak Day, my family went to ABC yearly celebrations at the field near its new center. We bathed the Buddha, we stayed for Maitreya Buddha Puja (he is the coming Buddha), we circumambulated the Mahabodhi stupa which was identical to the one in Bodhgaya India where Buddha was enlightened. We circumambulated the stupa turning the numerous prayer wheels surrounding the stupa. We wrote on part of a few sutras in gold ink. We got blessings from Khen Lhundrup Rinpoche from Kopan Monastery.

In the evening we went to Drophenling for the Puja in Obeisance to the 16 Arhats. We offered butter lamps, we offered ritual offerings to Buddha, we bathed the Buddha again. We received lights from the Sangha, lamas from Gaden Shartse Monastery. My niece and nephew had a fun time. They have learnt so many mantras each time they went.

We bathed the Buddha to purify our body speech and mind. This enables our negative karma and afflictive mind to be purified. Through the puja we offered obeisance and prostration to the 16 Arhats, of whom Buddha Shakyamuni entrusted His doctrines to. We also requested that all Lamas and Masters and Gurus live long so that the pure Dharma can prevail throughout aeons in the world. In order to do so, we needed to pray and supplicate to the 16 Arhats, to request for their blessings as well as to uphold the Dharma. The teachings of Buddha are seen as a light that dispels the darkness of ignorance, hence it is a traditional practice to offer candles and butter lamps on this special occasion.

Tayata om muni muni maha muna ye soha!!!

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