Friday, 30 November 2007

Idling at Changi Airport

On a lazy Friday evening, the family decided to venture to the new Changi Airport Terminal Three. Alas it was closed at 5pm. Hmmm.... I still don't know the reason. So we had our dinner at the food court in T1 instead. I discovered this stall selling Char Kway Teow exactly the way I like it. It was a small plate but the kway teow was fried a little moist, not too hard or too dry, not too sweet. The "see hum" were aplenty but I didn't touched a single one. I really have not tasted such nice Char Kway Teow for a long while.

Then we strolled along at the halls, took the Skytrain from T1 to T2 and back (although it was just a 3 minute ride), just for the sake of the kids. Then we did a little grocery shopping at the NTUC Supermarket in T1, snapped a few photos for mementoes for the grandparents and the kids and we quickly got on the car and home.

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