Sunday, 24 May 2009

Ray of light

Took this pix along a road today. I noticed the row of trees on both sides of the entire stretch of the road, and there were no cars. Thought this shot was a nice angle, where the trees "merged" on both sides. It was as if the sky was almost camouflaged by the trees, just showing a ray of light. Can you see the "ray of light"? Anyway, I am babbling nonsense if you don't know what I am talking about. :D

Last week I hurt my little toe. Kicked into something and it was so painful and swollen for the whole week that I couldn't wear proper covered shoes for too long. It hurts. Otherwise I would start to limp when walking. This was the first time a little knock on the little toe hurt so much. So ended I had to wear my slippers if I was going downstair. For important appointments, I had to limp, hehehe. This pix was taken inside my lift.

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