Saturday, 30 May 2009


Thank God It's Weekend!!!! I got up super early for a Saturday at around 6am! I went out to meet someone for breakfast at McDonalds. Finally I was able to have my favourite Sausage McMuffin with Egg and Hash Brown. Also a cuppa Cappucino.
I have not had McDonalds breakfast for a long time, such a delight devouring the McMuffin. I overheard a guy at the next table with his family, casually chiding his maid for adding chilli sauce on her pancakes! I also miss the pancakes and the honey syrup, haha.

After breakfast, I went to do my errands, to the Nokia service center, bank, supermarket as well as Singapore Pools. Mom went Kukup early this morning and has been sms-ing me with numbers to buy for her. Adoi, just because our neighbour just struck second prize last week, winning her $5000, my Mom suddenly has the inspiration for whatever numbers she sees! Well I hope she strikes this weekend, so maybe I can earn some kopi money. Hehehe...
I was still full from breakfast so I thought I had buy some takeaway sushi from the supermarket for tea time later and skip lunch. I saw some donuts as well, which were one of my favourite snacks. Wanted to buy the chocolate coated donuts but they were not ready yet.
Notice the donuts and sushi shots were so crystal clear? All these shots were shot by my old Nokia phone. Don't even need to photoshop them. The earlier mcmuffin shots I was still fiddling with the buttons, hence a bit not sharp enough. Will tell you in a later posting, why this old bulky Nokia is much better than the current beautiful models.

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