Friday, 29 May 2009

Watch where you point that finger

The world is so small, be careful not to step into someone's tail. Not to worry, I have not step on anyone's tail. Yet. I just find it so amusing that sometimes, stuff or remarks I made at the spur of a moment do come true in the end!

I have many friends and acquaintances who do not like PRCs. Simply because, according to my friends, these foreigners have invaded our small island and they can be found working all across industries. Last time was the infamous 小龙女 (Xiao Long Nu), a local term given to those PRC ladies who came here to dig a rich man/husband or other people's husbands. Recent years, PRCs, men and women have thronged here for (proper) working opportunities.

So my friends were exasperated whenever the topic of "PRC" was brought up. One main grouse against these foreigners was their boorish behaviour, loud and rude, something our locals find so hard to get used to. I often told my anti-PRC friends, c'mon, not all eggs in the basket are rotten. There are some PRCs who are quite nice actually. I have come across many PRCs or worked with them before, and they were nice people underneath their loud facade. I have met a few PRCs who are soft spoken, capable, kind and helpful. And I have met some who were actually in a sorry plight and my heart went out to them.

During one "complaining" session with my buddy, she was telling me about some PRCs she met on the train, at the restaurant, etc.. My buddy is working in a well-known Singapore conglomerate. I told her, "Aiyah no need to lose cool over these people lah. Who knows, what if one day a PRC becomes your big boss?" A few days ago, she emailed me "Your wish come true, now my BIG BOSS is PRC! Haha!!". I had a good laugh. See lah, if you've got one finger pointing at someone else, you've got the rest of them pointing back at you. Do you agree with that statement?

I "anyhow say" also can come true. A few weeks ago, I was casually remarking to someone I should buy (4D) for her number since it was her birthday. I even mentioned the number. The very next day, the exact number came out! And I DID NOT buy !!*&#&^#*%$!!! >_<"

P.S. I also have a vision that Dr Vivian Balakrishnan may become our future Prime Minister ..... hmmm.....


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