Thursday, 11 June 2009


I was near Bugis today, and since the hot weather was killing me, I had lunch at the basement where there were many small eating joints to enjoy the aircon. Went to this small place called Fisherios Fish & Chips. I chose the fish & chips with melted cheese all over the fish and topped with mushrooms. The cheese looked so yellow in colour that it looked like mustard sauce. The set lunch came with a small bowl of chicken corn soup and garlic bread, with a glass of iced peach tea, all for $9.90. Quite reasonable considering food court/hawker stall usually charge this at around $6.00. At Fisherios, it was quite a big chunk of fish plus fries and 2 pieces of fried mushrooms. The whole meal was not bad actually, not much to complain about. *chuckle*
Here are the items taken real close up. Oh how I love the details. These snaps were taken by Sony Ericsson C905.


  1. cheese sauce on fish?! I've never seen that before!

  2. Hi TMC, yes it's quite nice actually. The melted cheese is quite bland not too salty and in fact was like cream instead.


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