Saturday, 20 June 2009

Father's Day celebration at Inle - Myanmar cuisine!

We had an early Fathers' Day celebration. I suggested going to the Inle Myanmar Restaurant which I had been to earlier, so that my family could try Myanmar cuisine. For me, I wanted to try more of their dishes. This branch was in Marina Square and not Peninsula Plaza, which meant the set meal were slightly different and more costly (higher rental at Marina Square of course). The decor was also more posh.

Over here, they had set lunch set for 2 persons at $14 which included a noodle or rice set + drinks + desserts. Quite a deal. We ordered 3 set meals and additional dishes. Here are the noodle sets. I ordered Kyay Oae - a glass noodle soup that came with chicken, bird egg, fishball and wood fungus. It was not really spicy, the soup tasted like very bland tomyum soup. It was quite refreshing. The kids ordered the Chicken Glass Noodles which tasted like Thai's kway teow soup with some spices. Mom ordered the Myanmar Fried Kway Teow which was quite nice and they added an unique ingredient - fried yellow beans (Pe Pyote Kyaw).

The rice sets. BIL ordered the Myanmar Briyani Rice with Chicken, Sis ordered the Claypot Chicken with Rice. Father ordered the Butter Rice with Curry Chicken. All 3 sets with chicken but cooked in a different manner. Sis' stir fried chicken was quite nice, as it had the 'burnt' taste.
The add-ons were my favourites. I ordered the Assorted Vegetable Fritters which comprised of pennywort fritters, fried gourd, crispy tofu and onion fritters. It was really good, pennywort was green leafy veggies fried which tasted like french fries. Likewise the fried gourd and onion fritters were tasty. I ordered the Pennywort Leave Salad which I highly recommend. They mixed the veg, nuts and other ingredients which was really appetising and light. I wonder where to buy the Pennywort Veggies?

Don't be deceived by the Fried Crispy Catfish, which looked black and burnt. It was actually very nice, deep fried till crispy with garlic as well. It was so good that you could even eat the bones. Lastly, the set came with a dessert which was Chendol (no other choice). It was exactly like our local version except it did not have all the ingredients except green jelly. The taste of the gula melaka was really strong and rich.

It was a nice meal, something different from the usual fare. I think my family liked it.

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