Saturday, 20 June 2009


One day I went cycling in East Coast Park.....

Swim into deep blue sea
And find what there is to see.
A heap of tangled seaweed
Laid very green indeed.
Swimming down away from all troubles,
Down, down into the land of bubbles,
With fish floating round and round -
Except for gaping mouths, they make no sound.

Running across the soft white sand,
Between listening to the playing band.
Half dead crabs scattered everywhere,
People tread them down without a care.
Ladies and gentlemen laze in their chair,
Enjoying the cool sea air.
Pretty girls in swimsuit can be seen,
And this makes everyone so keen.

One can hear the fun-fair from afar,
And the clumsy noise of a bumper car.
Men wave sticks of pink candy floss,
Coins are pressed into machines and make a loss.
Out at sea big steamers sail by,
While on deck many people lie.
The waves break of white foam,
Leaving the still water alone.
SEASIDE by Ann Hancox, Feb 1975

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