Thursday, 11 June 2009

This is an order

Was at the Supreme Court to run an errand. It was my first time there. Although there were policemen at the entrance scanning your body and stuff, I was surprised they did not take my temperature as a H1N1 precaution. I know it may be lifted but then again, this is a garmen place mah...

Saw mostly lawyers all in black suits hanging around. If you can squint your eyes at this photo, the men in black are sitted on the sofa, waiting to go to court, I guess. There are a few levels and everywhere is quite bare and clinical. There are a number of auditoriums where the court sessions are being held. Never been inside one and have no wish to. I have been to the Subordinate Court once before for a meeting. But that place was too small and not as posh compared to this one.

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