Wednesday, 3 June 2009

I'm lovin' it

One fine morning, the kids decided to pay old McDonalds a visit.
As usual, McDonalds was so happy to see people.
Since it was still early, about 8am, there was barely any soul in the house yet.

The kids beaming at the warm hospitality of old McDonalds and of course his Big Breakfast. They had their hands (and mouth) full, gobbling down the enticing spread and a big glass of Milo without ice.

The Big Breakfast was in fact huge - the sausage mcmuffin was so juicy. The egg and scrambled eggs looked so picturistic sprinkled with pepper. The sausage in the mcmuffin was not burnt, it went very well with the melted cheese and mcmuffin.

The savoury hash brown was a must-have, and dipping it with the sweet chilli sauce was so yummy. For the sweet tooth, you could apply jam on your mcmuffin bread. The Hotcakes also made a special appearance besides the Huge Breakfast. To the kids, it was probably the highlight of the whole meal ......

... especially after adding the sinful butter and delish honey syrup on top. *evil laugh*
Nephew: "I'm lovin' it !!!"

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