Friday, 5 June 2009

"Pls tell me"

I just sold one handphone online. When I contacted the winning bidder via sms to arrange collection, he asked me tons of questions.

Me: Hi thanks for the purchase. When can we meet up for the transaction?

Bidder: Can you tell me the warranty details?

Me: Warranty covered till June 2010. Are you able to meet tomorrow?

Bidder: Can you tell me about the memory size?

Me: 2GB

Bidder: Is it your own mobile or are you working in a handphone shop? Pls tell me.

Me: Own mobile.

Bidder: Is it Singtel set? Any reason for selling this. Pls tell me.

Me: Yes Singtel. Service provider nothing to do with phone, right? I changed new handphone that's all. And nothing wrong with this hp.

Bidder: One final question. When did you purchase this?

Me: One year ago but did not use much as it is a second and backup phone. And I always buy extended warranty which is why it is till June 2010. And I not charging you the $70 I paid. U should have ask me these questions before you bid.

Bidder: *** No reply ***

Me: When are you able to meet up?

Bidder: *** No reply ***

Me: Please kindly reply as you have won the bid. It's usual basic courtesy n online auction etiquette. If you wish to collect hp then confirm appt. If not interested after winning the bid, then I need to proceed with my action. Thanks.

Bidder (after a long while): I will confirm with you tomorrow.

Me: Ok sure. Let me know tomorrow. Thanks for reply.

Aaarrrggghhhh, I hate this type of buyer. I have been dealing with online auctions (buying and selling) for a number of years and this is the first time I come across a "problematic" buyer. And he is from one particular race. I am not racist but generally speaking, people from this particular race tend to behave like this - fussy, "chao kuan", "yim chim", ask lots of questions before buying and sometimes even telling people off, AND yet don't buy in the end.

My thoughts:

1. First of all, based on online auction etiquette, when you have won a bid, you should at least initiate the first contact and arrange appointment for collection. I started the initial contact instead.

2. Ask as many questions you want BEFORE bidding, and not AFTER.

3. Ask questions to information which was not specific or not clear in my online posting. In this case, I thought I have already been very clear and detailed in my description.

4. Don't behave like I am going to rip you off with a phoney product. I have taken extra precious care for all my phones since Day One - screen protector, use casing, or pouch, buy extended warranty, original accessories all intact - absolutely no scratches and no nonsense.

5. Once you have won the bid, means YOU HAVE WON THE BID. And not... you have to think and reconsider and to confirm again! Where is the integrity? Don't waste my time having to deal with you when you have intention to change your mind (after winning the bid), when I could have given the opportunity to other more genuine and sincere buyers.

6. I consider it an insult to keep doubting my products when I have been in this business for so long and I have been rated and given 100% positive feedback from all my buyers and sellers.

Usually most buyers or sellers I meet (99%) are quite wonderful beings, cooperative, kind, polite, any queries were long answered and clarified. And usually I would not have been so harsh in my words even if the buyer was having second thoughts, but he really tested and wore my patience thin with too many questions and no sincerity. Or if he had phrased his words in a nicer way, then I would not be so pissed. Haha, bazi clash? I shall wait and see what will be his reply tomorrow before I decide what action I am going to take.

To tell the truth, even before I contacted him, when I saw his name and he was from that race, I already had a feeling I may be in for a hard time. And I was right, yet again. (>_<)

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