Thursday, 25 June 2009

Something to gripe and grind

I don't purposely blog about food all the time, but it's what we eat everyday, so inevitably this topic still takes up a big part of this blog. I just like to share my good experiences or some horrible ones. But one thing I am concerned with, the rising costs of outside food.

The other day when I was out for an appointment, I was wondering what to have for lunch as I was alone. I was around Shenton Way and I walked and walked from Far East Square to China Square and still I could not decide what to eat.
Finally decided on Han's on Princep Street eventhough there was a huge variety of selection across the road in Hong Lim Hawker Centre, as it was so hot to be eating in non-aircon places. I didn't want to meet clients with smelly sweaty clothes.

Han's is operated by a traditional Hainanese family which serves so called fast food, budget food ranging from local dishes to western sets to bakery. They have a huge outlet in Prinsep Street. I ordered one of their signature set lunch which was Hainanese Pork Chops. The set lunch costs $9.80 which came with pork chops, plain rice, a bowl of soup, a slice of mild garlic bread, a slice of water melon and a glass of ice lemon tea.

I supposed for an aircon eatery, a $9.80 set lunch was reasonable, and the food was really quite palatable. They gave generous portions of the sweet and sour pork chops, and good chicken corn soup. Elsewhere in other restaurants, a set lunch could set you back at least $13 to $20. But then again, for $9.80, you could have 2-3 plates of chicken rice plus drinks in a hawker centre!
Another day I was having lunch with niece and nephew and they chose a fast food outlet Superdog which specialises in hot dogs. These were our orders. I ordered a Bacons Lover Sandwich which was big with strips of bacon, egg, cheese, lettuce, onions and mustard sauce. Niece ordered the Chicken hotdog and nephew chose the fish and chips set. Adding a cup of iced chocolate costs around $5.00 and adding an egg to the sandwich costs $0.80, and if I had wanted a Mocha, another $6.00. I stuck to the ice lemon tea in the set. The total damage was $24, which I thought was a little too ex for fast food (it was more ex than McDonalds). I believe Carls Junior would do the same damage too.
Superdog tried to differentiate themselves, they even put up a sign that says: 

Superdog Rules
1. We are proud of our Chili dogs.
2. Only premium sausages
3. No frozen patties.
4. 100% chuck.
5. No pickles; it spoils the taste of fresh meat.
6. Quality comes before speed.

Nonetheless, although the bacon was fresh and succulent and we had to wait for the food, I still cannot tahan fast food being that costly. I do not mind paying for good food, but not so if it was fast food and only mediocre.

Another thing about outside food, I cannot understand the generous use of MSG especially in Chinese food outlets, the food is usually overladen with MSG, which is extremely unhealthy, just to make the food taste more delicious. It made my lips shrivelled in dryness and throat so thirsty afterwards. This was the case of the Laksa I ordered in a Sentosa food joint. It was so oily and did not taste nice, and I think they added a little too much MSG, because my mouth became sore and my lips cracked the next day.

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