Thursday, 11 June 2009

Where I walked past....

Was at a certain Ministry recently. There was no one other than me that the lady at the counter need to serve. I waited a minute or two before she lifted her head to motion me to wait. Waited another one minute and she greeted me politely, and I started to rattle off what was the purpose of my visit...... but before I could begin, she stopped me and asked "have you taken a queue number?" I was like....?????? She pointed to the plastic numbers in front of her. I turned around to see if anyone was there (no one!!!) and I gave her the need-to-take-number-meh? look. She pointed to the numbers again and meaning wanted me to pick one. So I took a number and passed it to her. THEN, she finally served me! Don't get me wrong, she was a very nice lady, very polite and detailed in explanation, but I was thinking .... what's with the queue number?? To show proof how many customers she has served already? There was no one else and why need to take a number for the sake of taking a number?? It was just a meaningless action, and if it is meaningless and pointless, why do it? I still don't get it. Stumped.

I usually like to snap greenery and nature if I happened to pass by anywhere, as here in Singapore, we see lots of trees and plants. This was somewhere in Tanglin near Dempsey Road. Such lush greenery that I won't mind walking under the sun for a while.

Flowers, plants blooming everywhere (with this hot sun, how not to??)

I accidentally touched my handphone camera's button and what came out was not bad (even though it was over exposed) - a nice photo. White houses, white walls, white skies. Haha.

Was in this building at sunset, and snapped this because I noticed the clouds were interesting.

One of my favourite jeep and see the cute smiley wheel on the yellow backside. Somehow I like this stark dark building with just some lights and the lamp post.

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