Sunday, 21 June 2009

When you drink, don't anyhow pee!

Outside my house, I have about 8-10 pots of plants, all elevated on black metal planter stands. Why? Because they looked neater this way and being higher above the ground, ensuring my plants get enough "air" and wind rather than lower, so they do not get obstructed by the equally-high walls along the corridor.

Another reason and the main reason is, I did so to prevent passer-by strangers from peeing onto my pots in the middle of the night! Once or twice, I had placed 2 pots of plants on lower stands (about knee-length height) outside. The next morning I smelled pee outside when I opened the door. Upon inspecting, it came from one of the lower pots. I was pretty mad and disgusted and washed and cleaned the place thoroughly. So I decided to use only the higher waist-level stands BECAUSE then the stands would be too high for those bugger/s to aim their pee!!!! (unless he is a 6 footer or taller!!!)!!!

So far so good, when the lower stands were removed, no more uninvited guests. Those earlier buggers were obviously very urgent or drunk and very inconsiderate. I had even thought of installing CCTV if the situation had persisted. If you want to drink, either you control or find a more dignified place to do it. Don't be like a dog, DON'T ANYHOW PEE!!! Nowadays even dogs are potty trained, shame on those guys!

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