Thursday, 11 June 2009

Where is the abalone?

One late morning I was at Sim Lim Square. So I had brunch at its food court below which was the first time I was there. I did not know what to eat, so ended with my usual safe choice - Bak Chor Mee. For a change I ordered the Abalone Bak Chor Mushroom Mee Poh $4 and added the dumplings soup at $1.

Well, they were generous with the ingredients though the noodles tasted just normal, not too bland, not too salty, not too spicy. In a bowl, they gave lots of the flat noodles, fishcake slices, pork slices, minced pork, fishball, shredded mushrooms, beansprouts, lettuce and little fried salted fish. What I liked was you could add as much pork lard as you like. Hehe... so I did. I also liked the chilli padi (hot spicy type) with garlic in soya sauce. The soup was with seaweed and dumplings.

Ok, if you are wondering what happened to the Abalone? Here it is. I finally found it, one thin strip of abalone hiding inside the mee pok. I had to zoom in to show you the abalone. :D

After my stomach was filled, time to bang table. I bought a handphone battery the day before. It was OEM (cheaper $25). But when I went home and put it in to charge, it was not working at all. So I had to waste time to go back Sim Lim again. The person who served me was off. Another salesperson replaced a new one for me. I said maybe I would top up for the original battery instead. He said $45. I said his colleague told me it was $38 the day before. He said could not be. Finally he sold me "at a discount" for $40. I do not like to shop in Sim Lim Square as the service level in general was not tip-top. Most talked in a Beng-ish manner and most of them behaved like touts quoting skyrocking high prices (but you could bargain). Different shops would quote you different prices for just one item. That's why shopping in Sim Lim is tiring but it is the so-called cheaper place for IT peripherals. If need be, I had rather shop at Funan or Challenger or other shops elsewhere, as I am sure I could get genuine stuff for a reasonable price and better service.

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