Wednesday, 15 July 2009

10,000 angels calling

The other day I was in Plaza Singapura to collect something. So decided to go Tea Cosy Ten Thousand Angels cafe again, this time, for late lunch to give someone a treat.
As it was past lunch hour, there was not a single diner in sight. Perfect. I like quiet restaurants with privacy. It was the kind of homely small cafe/restaurant, with few tables and chairs/sofa all in different designs, in the midst of all the items of angels on sale at the same time. There was something cosy about this place which I like.
You could marvel the different angels lying around the restaurant, on the walls, on the display shelves, on the tables, on the floor....

For starters, I ordered the mushroom soup to share. It came in generous portion with chunky mushroom bits. Looked like a "spider-web" soup, right?

I have not eaten Pan Fried Foie Gras for a looooong time. So I thought I should order this. While it was a nice presentation with 2 big pieces, the foie gras was a little let-down. The previous foie gras I had in an old English restaurant (forgot name) was so fantastic that it blew my mind away with each bite. The slight burnt taste on the exterior combined with the melt in the mouth interior was an unforgettable taste. This one here, it really tasted like liver, soft yet was quite jelak after 2 small cut pieces. Luckily the salad saved the main dish.

We also shared the Bangers n Mash, which was 2 huge sausages with coleslaw and mashed potato. It was quite nice as the sausages were grilled to perfection, something like BBQ sausages. It was a good relief from the foie gras, sadly speaking. We were too full after that.
For dessert, I ordered the miniature cake taster set again, with 5 small pieces of different cakes on a double storey platter. I still like the tiramisu cake the best. We also tried the lychee breeze which was quite refreshing.


  1. The food looks good ... got to try the restaurant one of these days :)

  2. It was cosy, although may not have too many items in the menu. Bring your wife there!


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