Wednesday, 15 July 2009

My simple dishes

One of the days, my mom had to go for an eye check up, so I decided to cook dinner.
I bought this Emperor Chicken Herbs & Spices Mix sometime ago but have not tried it. So I bought a whole chicken. The instruction was pretty easy to follow. Even the aluminium foil and plastic were provided. I just had to apply the powder mix onto the chicken and wrap it up with plastic and foil, and put into the pot to steam.
After 2 hours of steaming, my herbal chicken was ready! You know what, we were so excited and hungry opening up the foil to see the chicken, I actually forgot to take photos of the final product of my Emperor Chicken!!! This above photo was from Precious Pea blog. You can read the author's attempt to cook this in detail. Anyway, my chicken looked very similar to this, and it was gone within a few minutes after it was served! I would think the emperor chicken was quite nice and meat was tender and soft.
I also decided to try this dish of Bittergourd with Salted Egg Yolk. The bittergourd was cut into thin slices. I added little chilli padi and chopped garlic with the yolks which were extracted out from the whites and cut into tiny pieces. I steamed the bittergourd awhile before stir frying it with ingredients and mushroom sauce. I think it tasted so-so but palatable. I should have added a little sugar to weigh down the natural bitter taste from the bittergourd.
I like to fry eggs and top them with sweet and sour sauce which I mixed myself, adding also chopped onions and sometimes cherry tomatoes. It was an appetising and child-friendly dish.
A simple dish of fried fish which everyone of us liked.
This was my mom's dish of Braised Bittergourd with Pork Belly. It was very very very nice and we liked it with porridge or rice. The tender and soft and not-bitter bittergourd went very well with the pork belly. It could be eaten overnight as well as it tasted even better as the gravy has permeated the bittergourd and pork.

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