Saturday, 18 July 2009

Ghirardelli chocolates

Sis brought back a tin of Ghirardelli chocolates from the US, given by her boss. It has such nice packaging, the tin in the form of a red bus. Reminds me of Harrods. There are 3 flavours inside - Dark Chocolate, White Mint and Caramel. Well, I love dark chocolates but this one is really too bitter for my taste as it has 60% cacao. Usually I think the highest I can take is around 40% cacao. So I think the White Mint is my favourite flavour out of the three. Eh, I do not like caramel as it is usually too sweet. The chocolate has a smooth taste which just melts in your mouth. Same love I have for Belgium chocolates. I am a chocolate person so I know a good chocolate from a bad chocolate, haha!

Apparently this is premium chocolate. The company behind these Ghirardelli chocolate is the manufacturer and marketer of its chocolate, with the longest history in America incorporated in 1852. What makes Ghirardelli chocolates unique is they control the entire manufacturing process from cocoa bean selection to roasting to refining to finished product. I wonder are they available in Singapore?


  1. I love chocolate, from milky to 65% dark... white as well... I'm a chocolate addict. You? ^^


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