Wednesday, 8 July 2009


I need to go on diet. Have been eating and eating these 2 days because of my birthday.

A friend bought me lunch at Siam Kitchen. I ordered the set lunch which came with appetiser (tom yum goong), main (minced chicken with basil and fried egg with plain rice, dessert (caramelised tapioca with sweet coconut milk, sprinkled with sesame seeds) and drink (Thai milk tea).

I've always like the minced chicken with basil which had the "wok hei" when served - piping hot and spicy. The only let down was the tomyum goong, which was way too salty that I just took the prawns and mushroom and not the soup. The huge portion of dessert of the sweet tapioca was fantastic - warm and sweet and soft! Very addictive.

The Thai version of milk tea looked darker and sweeter. It was sweeter but very fragrant. Quite worth it as the entire set lunch costs $11.90. You could choose from many entrees.

Yesterday lunch was at Ajitei. Again set lunches from Unagi set to Katsu don set to Hawaiian Chicken set to my Scallop Ramen. I didn't particularly enjoyed the ramen because they added one huge bunch of beansprouts (I hate beansprouts in soup as I feel they spoil the taste of the soup base). I do eat stir fry beansprouts though.
The sides were corn with butter, cold tofu (yucks!) and if you are wondering how was the scallops in my ramen.... here I zoomed in on the scallops - there were 5 or 6 of them. Then dessert I forgot to take the many dessert selections we ordered, like macha, mochi, shakes, etc... I only took the Green Tea ice cream which was "creamily" yummy.
Dinner with family decided to dine in, we had home delivery from Canadian Pizza. I ordered 2 big pizzas - Classic Hawaiian Pizza is a must for me and also the BBQ Chicken Pizza. I think Canadian Pizza tastes better than Pizza Hut. I also ordered the seafood platter that came with calamari, potatoe wedges, fish nuggets, and prawns. The Baked Lasagna was not bad as well as the Baked Macaroni. Very jelak after that!!

One of the nights, I cooked dinner as well. The entrees were: Spicy Garlic Spinach, Grilled Black Pepper Chicken Wings (they were not burnt ok), Steamed Tofu with Eggs and Century Eggs sprinkled with Cai Por, and lastly, Bak Kut Teh !!!!

So, I must go on diet already, right???!!


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