Saturday, 18 July 2009

Mini plant

I discovered this new thingy - a real miniature plant in a capsule, complete with soil. It is called a Pet Plant or Mini Plant, and is the size of a thumb. It costs only $3+.

It can be hanged on your phone while it grows. Once they have grown bigger than the capsule size, they can be transplanted to a larger pot. Underneath the capsule are tiny holes where you can soak it in water once every 2 weeks. On top of the capsule, are also tiny holes so that the plant can breathe. There are a few types of plants available: one is a cactus, another a bean-like plant, another looks like an aloe vera plant and this one shown is called the lotus plant.

Naturally I chose the lotus plant because it is round and looks nicer and has many green leaves. I can hang it anywhere. Think I will hang it on my bag so it can follow me wherever I go. Why? Because plants belongs to the wood element and I need wood! Haha!


  1. Hey where do you get it? Looks really cool. Reminds me of this necklace with a rice in it which I got for the longest time, but lost it a few months back.

    Damn, trust people to come up with such creative stuffs huh :)

  2. Hi, it's from a cart in Iluma. The rice is carved with words,right? Yeah, anything interesting will start a trend. Duno how it will last though..


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