Sunday, 5 July 2009

Ho Kee Pau

I passed by Ho Kee Pau and bought some pau. Usually we would take away their pau for breakfast. I like their pau. Morever there are many outlets - 17 of them all over Singapore.
We usually buy char siew pau (savoury), lotus paste pau (sweet), and bean paste pau (sweet). I like it that their pau is not too big in size, easier to eat. Besides pau, Ho Kee also sells other snacks like siew mai, har gow, dumplings, malay cake, chee cheong fun, all the typical dim sum items.

However, there is one item which is my favourite - the chives (jiu chai) prawn dumplings. They have both the steamed and fried versions. Their jiu chai dumplings are humongous compared to usual ones, they look so full as if they are bursting. That's because they are very generous with the ingredients inside - plenty of chopped chives, fresh prawns, meat, and little chestnuts. It is so fresh and meaty that it tastes crunchy. 2 or 3 of these you would already be full!

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