Thursday, 16 July 2009

Mat Salleh Burger!

Was wondering what to have for dinner, besides the usual rice and dishes Chinese familiies normally have at home. And a little sick of outside food. So suddenly thought of having burgers (because the earlier post of "sexy" burgers made me hungry!). Yeah, ordering McDonalds delivery was easy but I wanted to have home-made burgers. So I bought all the ingredients I wanted - burgers, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, cheese and chopped onions. Also made sure I had mayonnaise, ketchup and chilli sauce.
Then I set to work. I love mushrooms, so I sauteed a whole pack of mushrooms with just onions and mushroom sauce - tasted sooooo heavenly. I also fried the chicken patties. Then suddenly I thought of adding fried eggs - so characteristic of Ramly Burger!!! I miss Ramly Burger!! It is a special Malaysian burger popular in Malaysia and Singapore. I even toasted the burger with melted cheese.
Ta-dah!!! This is my beautiful cross-breed Eurasian burger - mix of Ramly burger and the Western burger - Ramly because of the fried egg, and Western because of the mushrooms and other ingredients. Hahaha!!! I think mine is a less oily version of Ramly burger - more healthy. And I aptly named it Mat Salleh Burger !!!!! :D


  1. Wow ... looks so delicious, so much better than those ramly burger at pasar malam

  2. Thanks, I love it!!! Will try different ingredients next time

  3. Wah. Looks good! I'd love to get a bite of that :-)

  4. i love to eat^^


    i am new to ur blog^^

    this my msn:

    hope we can be friend^^

  5. How about calling then 'Orang putih baga?' hehehe... Looks enormous! These are eaten in USA, but not in Europe, LOL.

  6. rinaz
    I'll make one for you if there is ever a chance :)

    Yeah Singaporeans kiasu, so want to make burgers also must make enormous ones. :P


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