Friday, 17 July 2009

You've got mail

I am increasingly developing a bad habit. I am too lazy to open my letters nowadays, even if they were brought in front of me into my room. Much less opening the letterbox myself. I would usually let the stacks of envelopes pile up without even opening them. Even though they may be bills from the banks, important letters from organisations, I just take my own sweet time NOT opening them. So those flyers or promotion newsletters, I am even more bochap (can't be bothered). It is usually until towards the end of the month, that I conscientiously open the mails at one time DREARILY. Gone are the days I eagerly wait to open any handwritten personal letters/postcards from friends because everyone send emails nowadays. So with half the fun and excitement gone, I am just too lazy to open my mails.

Maybe I should opt for E-statements, E-letters, E-bills, E-flyers, but that is if it is an available option from some organisations. I have already opted for my Singtel bills to be electronic as I cannot be bothered opening the bills since they are charged to my credit card anyway, and I would still need to SEE the bill statement from the bank. So the convenient internet is making me lazy in certain ways. I make bill payments online or through AXS machines. I do not even need to send out cheques by post anymore. And whoever buy stamps nowadays? But the best is if I've a personal secretary at home to take care of ALL my little little stuff. Hehe.

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