Thursday, 9 July 2009

Welcome, Baby Amber!

I'm so elated as I just received news of the arrival of Baby Amber!!! Technically it is still 8 July in Dubai, so her birthday is 8 July. How nice it would have been if she was born 2 days earlier, same birthday as me. Or on 7 July, her mommy and daddy's wedding aniversary.

Receiving news since this afternoon from her daddy, I quickly went to the temple to pray and offer light for my buddy to have a smooth delivery. In the evening, I shopped for gifts for Baby Amber. After about 8-9 hours labour, Baby Amber finally made her appearance. I have waited for about 11 hours (it felt like eternity) and I was struggling to stay awake in Singapore time, having slept at 5am last night. Now I can have a good sleep. It kind of reminded me of the time when my niece and nephew were born, when I was in the hospital with sis. Sis had it worse, more than 13 hours (nephew) or 20 hours of labour (niece)!

Am so happy for the proud parents, my buddy and hubby, after 9 months of anxiety, fears and prayers, it is really a sense of great relief that Baby Amber finally arrived. So, congratulations to them!

The meaning of Amber is a "precious jewel". She is indeed a precious jewel to all of us. She is a nice belated birthday gift to me (although I am just a doting aunt). Now I can arrange to send my gifts.... :D


  1. Amber is my middle name. I am serious... =)

  2. Serious? I shall call u Amber from now on... :P

    As u know, my name starts with 'A' too... =)


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