Sunday, 2 August 2009

Nan Hua Chang Seafood Restaurant

On Friday evening, the family went out for dinner. We are currently having this fish head steamboat craze, so we are visiting new places to try. This restaurant, Nan Hua Chang Seafood Restaurant, at the junction of Jalan Besar and Crawford, is apparently well-known for their fish head steamboat. There are 2 shops diagonally opposite each other. One was in an old shophouse which was usually packed especially weekends. The diagonally opposite second shop was in a row of shops under the Crawford Lane HDB estate. This is the second time I visited. Last weekend, I have already tried it with my Grandma and aunts and mom. This time was to let my father and sis' family try.
Erm... the picture of the fish head steamboat is not that glamourous looking, because before I had the chance to snap a pix, the rest has already sapu (Malay for "wipe out") all the soup! We asked the waitress to refill more soup. We ordered red snapper (ang goh lee in Hokkien) as they are meatier and sweeter and less fishy. We love the soup which was cooking slowly with charcoal.   

Some other dishes we ordered; Prawn Paste Chicken which was nicely done and not oily at all (kids love it), Sweet Spices Pork Ribs (huge ribs, succulent and tender that the meat just dropped off easily), Fried Tofu (huge chunks of tofu so soft it melts in your mouth), and Nai Pak veggies stir fried. All the portions were big.  The price tag was not exactly cheap either.  Fish head steamboat was $35 and the rest of the dishes was $15 each, with drinks and towels and rice, the meal totalled $110.  Kinda expensive for a coffeeshop-type of restaurant.

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