Monday, 8 February 2010

I've fallen in love with this one

Samoyed is another breed I have fallen in love with, besides Labradors. Would love to have one in the future, and name him Ruggles, and a whole family of Google, Jiggles,  Boggles, Pringles, Fraggles, Dangles, Oggles, Quiggle, Tuggles, Vangles and..... (hahaha!!!).


  1. Who wouldn't want to have him? He is so adorable and cute.

  2. Please read up all u need to know abt the Samoyed b4 bringing one home. Bear in mind that cute little puppies do grow up to be a huge dog, in this case.

    Samoyeds are genetically suited for the cold weather. We call them the Pole Dogs. Their thick fur is a direct giveaway !

    On my way to work early in the mornings, I come across many dog-walkers. Once, thru a thick mist, a great big black shaggy dog launched itself onto me. With its paws on my shoulders, he towered above me like a black bear. Yes, I nearly had a cardiac arrest. The owner was amused that her dog found me interesting apparently, to greet me so enthusiastically.
    It didnt occur to her that her dog has just given me a terrible shock ! This short-sightedness occurs frequently with the owners, even those whose dog comes bearing malicious mischief !

    I see the same dog in the evenings on my way home. In the summer, he's panting with his tongue hanging out, with a labouring gait. I have pity for him. The heat is just too much for a dog with a thick fur !

    Another incident was at Changi Airport. Little girl with cute little chihuahua. This time, the poor pet was shivering. Yes, they are the nervous kind but the night cold at the airport has something to do with it as well. I told the girl that she needs to keep her pet warm in a cold space. She didnt believe me n called to her mother to reaffirm her own beliefs.
    Sad that ppl would rather be right than to listen to the truth !

    It's animal cruelty when a pet, who relies solely on its master for their survival, are not taken good/proper care of.

    I hope my bit here will set ppl thinking b4 they take on the responsibility for a pet.

  3. Hi Dutchie
    Thank you so much for the write up. I know the concerns of negligence to animals. Owning a pet dog is a big thing to me, the responsibilities and everything else, thats why I have not had one yet. :)


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