Monday, 24 August 2009

Say Cheeze

Met up with a dear friend in Tampines One for a small celebration and early dinner. It was my first time in Tampines One.  As we did not feel like having Japanese, so we did not go to the popular Manpuku. Ended in Say Cheeze instead. Yes my first question was, why Say Cheeze? Such a cheesy name for a restaurant? Then I realised they actually specialise more on cheese cakes. They have all different types of cheese cakes and ONLY cheese cakes for desserts, nothing else.
The decor of the place was more pop art, cheery with yellow and red chairs. I ordered the Farmer's Special, a drink which tasted more of green apple with soda.
I ordered the Asparagus & Mushroom Pasta. I love the look of the food, especially in photos. But then, it was quite disappointing. I have no issue with the pasta which was nicely done. I only felt they should be more generous with the mushroom (because their menu showed huge portions of mushroom!), and the Asparagus was tasteless, in fact a little bitter. I have cooked asparagus before, we can enhance its bland taste further, and not like this.  
I really could not swallow all the asparagus. You see the remnants left.
Next we shared a cheesecake (because they only have cheese cakes!) and having TWO cheesecakes would really make us "jelak" afterwards. Ordered the Baileys Cheesecake! It has got the taste of cheesecake and coffee and Baileys with little chocolates on top. The Baileys came in a spoon, I did not know what to do with it, slurp it down into the mouth or pour it all over the cheesecake. Ended dipping each bite of the cheese cake into the Baileys.
The taste was quite rich and potent, from all the 3 strong flavours. It was as if having a dose of real coffee plus Baileys and jelak cheese! No wonder they specialise in cheese cakes. I would advise you to have just that in this place.

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