Saturday, 8 August 2009

Would you be there?

After meeting up with someone in the afternoon, later in the evening I wandered around on my own. I was a little stoned the entire day as I only slept 3 hours last night because drank too much coffee, could not sleep!  Was wondering how was the weather in Malaysia and probably long jams. I was listening to music in my mobile phone and I got carried away with some songs which made me think of past incidents. I did not know why I ended in Expo.

It was so crowded. I did not know that Borders, Harvey Norman as well as Metro were all having warehouse sale and Home Deco exhibition was also on. Oh, National Day sales. Kind of regretted being there, jostling with the crowds.

I went into the Metro hall and I just walked around. I discovered that Crocs was having really good offer $20-$35 for a pair of Crocs. Called sis twice but no answer. So I decided to buy this flowery blue Crocs for niece as I know they have been waiting and looking for one. It costs $20.  I also bought myself a pair of dark navy blue casual almost-flat shoes. It was only $7. Did not buy anything else. Was pretty proud of myself for not succumbing to more temptation.

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