Friday, 16 October 2009


Just a short posting to share. 15 Oct was the Parinirvana (death anniversary) of Geshe Lama Konchog. I found time to drop in at ABC for a while. Had the good karma to watch his movie just the past weekend, so I thought I had better go and pay respect to a great master. In fact there was no one there in the centre being a week day. Went to the 4th floor gompa where Geshe-la's relics and altar were, and offered light and a short prayer.

Did not know why I bought a new mala beads there too. I chose the one and only one which was reddish-brown in colour, made of sandalwood. (It was when I reached home then I realised it has a very fragrant smell - combination of sandalwood and incense from the gompa). Also took a small thin booklet of the Heart Sutra from the centre.
After that, I was on the way to meet a client. It was a hot day. In the cab, I took out the booklet and began to quietly read the Heart Sutra (which was only 2 little pages) and even read the mandarin version (I am poor in the language and could only recall the characters from a Heart Sutra song!). It started raining very very very heavy. Just a few moments before, it was so hot and sunny. The cab driver was grumbling about the sudden downpour. In my heart, I felt joyful and pleased. I told him, "don't worry, later it will stop, will rain only a short while". I associate a short rainfall (not thunder storm) as blessings from the above. Rain never fails to manifest during the course of a holy activity. I like to "experiment" in that way, you see(well, at least to me, it has been proven many times before). Somehow I knew the rain would stop when I reach my destination.  And indeed, it did.  ;)

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